LPN/RN Urology

Department: OCSC
Status/Schedule: Full Time
Email: scasteel@ohiocountyhospital.com
Posting Date: 08/07/2019

  • Education: KY State Licensure
  • Experience: Preferred but not required
  • Description: Quickly and accurately assess patient care needs
    • Work collaboratively with doctors and staff to provide Outstanding Care Here
    • Perform all requested diagnostic tests
    • Diagnose and develop treatment plan collaboratively with doctors and staff
    • Manage multiple cases simultaneously, prioritizing needs continually
    • Comply with all legal and safety requirements at all times
    • Maintain a clean, sanitary, and organized work environment
    • Work at maximum efficiency without compromising quality of care
    • Abide by all hospital rules and regulations
    • Conduct yourself in a composed and professional manner, especially under pressure
    • Monitor coworkers and voice concerns to minimize errors
    • Provide follow up care instructions to patients and make necessary referrals
    • Maintain accurate and up to date patient charts
    • Attend all required training and continuing education events
    • Passion for continued learning and skill development
    • Team-player mentality and a positive attitude

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